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15 years of experience and know-how delivered with personal support and guidance.

Since 2007, WiTricity has been building expertise and experience in developing reference designs that utilize WiTricity’s patented technology to transfer electricity wirelessly over a wide range of applications. As part of its complete product and service portfolio, WiTricity offers support for licensees, partners and customers, including:

  • Application Support and Consulting Services– Support for those who have purchased a WiTricity reference design or through a custom engagement. Support is provided by Application Engineers with years of experience with wireless power.
  • Technical Training – Training conducted by WiTricity engineers at WiTricity’s Headquarters in Watertown, MA. USA. This is typically conducted either during acceptance of a WiTricity reference system or during Technology Transfer. Training includes a review of the fundamental technology as well as a thorough technical review of the reference design or custom project you have procured from WiTricity. This training is intended for design engineers and engineering management.
  • Technology Transfer – For licensees and technology partners, design files which includes: electrical schematics, Bill of Materials (BOMs), PCB layout files, and mechanical CAD drawings will be transferred to your engineers.
  • Custom Development – WiTricity Corporation can provide end-to-end development for your WiTricity-powered system, including design, development, prototyping, and delivery of the finished schematics ready for your production.
  • Modeling – With years of experience, WiTricity can model your wireless power resonators, as well as the source and capture electronics to enable you to build your wireless power solution.
  • Installation – WiTricity engineers can be dispatched world-wide to support the installation of your WiTricity reference or customized design.

* In all cases above, customer must have a license or development agreement in place with WiTricity before WiTricity Services can be initiated.

Application Support

Application support & consulting

Support is provided by Application Engineers with many years of experience with wireless power. 

Reference Designs

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Simulation and modeling of highly resonant wireless power transfer (HRWPT) systems.

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