By licensing our significant patent portfolio, WiTricity is making it easier for companies to incorporate WiTricity’s patented wireless power technology into their products and solutions.

WiTricity’s patented magnetic resonance technology will be the medium that ties our existing electric grid to a broad range of mobile and wireless devices—and enable the development of radically new and improved consumer, commercial, medical and industrial devices. WiTricity is actively improving upon the core technology and developing additional intellectual property that will take this spectacular invention and apply it to commercially available products. Our mission is to help develop and enable designers and manufacturers in a broad range of industries to make their products truly “wireless.”

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Note: WiTricity exclusively offers reference designs, technology transfer and engineering support services for electric vehicle wireless charging solutions. All other solutions including consumer, medical and industrial are supported by a WiTricity-licensed ODM/partner or a direct patent license from WiTricity.