WiTricity can help you realize Industry 4.0

Delivering power to industrial systems traditionally required heavy cables, expensive connectors, and an unmanageable multitude of battery charging stations and docks.

WiTricity technology changes all of that, using highly resonant wireless power transfer to directly power machinery and to streamline the charging of battery powered mobile systems and devices. From milliwatts to kilowatts, in industrial applications ranging from low power “Internet of Things” sensors all the way up to high power unmanned industrial vehicles, WiTricity can help you realize Industry 4.0.

“To be effective in factories, AGVs need to operate as efficiently and flexibly as possible – and that means working without interruption. We aim to expedite factory processes and reduce running costs by delivering wireless power transfer systems that enable automatic re-charging. With its magnetic resonance technology, WiTricity is uniquely able to enable us to create highly flexible and efficient solutions.” 

Ryohei Tanaka, General Manager/Chief Engineer, Research and Development Division, DAIHEN

Industrial applications for WiTricity technology include:

  • Automatic wireless charging for mobile robots, AGV’s, and cordless tools and instruments, eliminating complex docking mechanisms and labor-intensive manual recharging and battery replacement.
  • Direct wireless power and communication interconnections across rotating and moving “joints” – for robots, packaging machinery, assembly machinery, machine tools and more – eliminating costly and failure-prone wiring and connectors.
  • Direct wireless power and communication interconnections at points of use in harsh environments – such as drilling, mining, underwater, etc. – where it is impractical or impossible to run wires.
  • Direct wireless power and wireless charging of equipment in Class 1, Division 1 explosion-proof environments. By eliminating copper contacts, wireless power can improve the intrinsic safety of many types of devices used in refineries, chemical plants, mines, and other hazardous environments.
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