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All sizes and power requirements:


For Wearables


For Fast Charging & Metal Backed Smartphones


For Laptops & Tablets

Powering life, wirelessly. That is the mission of WiTricity. Freedom from wires in the consumer electronics market opens up so many possibilities, and we help companies create great products and delightful user experiences that deliver on that promise. Wireless power can transform the way we live, work and move.

With such a wide range of applications and use cases, the demands of the consumer electronics market can only be met with a wireless energy solution that is flexible, efficient, and applicable across a wide range positional freedom and power levels.

  • Consumer electronics without connectors
  • Life-proof / waterproof / more reliable
  • Freedom from cords, changing the way you live, work and move
  • Charging at home, at work, in your car, on the go with power snacking
  • Green – eliminating billions of power cords in landfills

WiTricity technology provides a unique solution to consumer electronics devices of all sizes and power requirements, including:

  • The ability to “wirelessly fast charge” devices at high efficiency – a key emerging customer requirement.
  • Automatic wireless charging of mobile electronics via “power snacking” – phones, tablets and laptops (even those made out of metal) – in homes, cars, offices, public hotspots, and more.
  • Elimination of connectors for thinner, waterproof and more robust products.
  • Automatic wireless charging of lower power devices like wearables – where the ability to fully eliminate ports and charge in any orientation creates design flexibility for manufacturers and a true “drop and charge” experience for consumers.
  • Direct wireless powering of desktop PC peripherals, such as wireless mice, keyboards, printers, speakers, and displays – creating the wireless workplace of the future.
  • Power without compromise – from milliwatts to kilowatts.

Imagine living your life with wireless power. 

Unmatched magnetic & power electronics system design

We are here to help take your roadmap into the wireless future.