Wireless charging

can lower the TCO for electric fleets

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Optimize your EV fleet

Make charging part of your existing workflow as you go electric and save time and money.

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Worried about the cost of charging – in both time and money?

Concerned about employee safety around unwieldy cords and cables?

Need to hire employees just to manage plugging and unplugging vehicles?

Wireless charging can help address these concerns. And more.

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Commercial fleets can achieve a lower total cost of ownership of their electric cars, vans, and trucks with wireless charging. From reducing peak load and associated utility company demand charges with vehicle-to-grid (V2G) to build-out costs and reduced maintenance, fleets can maximize driver and vehicle uptime through more efficient wireless charging.

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Trips, slips, and falls are the most common workplace injuries. With large, heavy charger cords at your employees’ feet, accidents are waiting to happen. Safer working conditions are realized by eliminating trip hazards and the need to wrangle these unwieldy cords and cables. And employees are happier not having to remember to plug in.

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Charging doesn’t have to be a stand-alone operation. Wireless charging can go places that cords and cables can’t, so charging can be done at the same time as other tasks: loading, unloading, and cleaning, for example.

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With wireless charging, drivers don’t need to worry if their vehicle isn’t charged due to the previous driver forgetting to plug in. Charging starts as soon as the vehicle is parked over the charging pad and stops when the vehicle is fully charged. One less thing to worry about at the end of a shift – or the beginning of one!

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To lower your fleet’s costs and improve efficiency, eliminate the hassle of plug-in charging.

YuTong E-Buses Charge Wirelessly

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Wireless charging is perfect for a fleet – efficient, safe, and cost-effective.”

Fleet Manager, Municipal Fleet
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Ensure your drivers’ safety while enhancing your fleet’s efficiency with wireless charging

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Vehicle miles traveled, vehicle purchase price, and electric utility charges are the main factors in the lifetime cost of an EV truck. Of those three, electric utility charges could be cut in half with wireless charging.

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