Be in Charge.

Making EV charging easier than refueling.

“More than 2/3 of consumers in Germany planning to buy a car are more willing to purchase an EV if they could charge it wirelessly.
J.D. Power Mobility Disruptor Study

Power transfer as efficient and as fast as conventional plug-in

90-93% from grid to battery
Full level 2 charging (3.6 – 11 kW +)

Fast and Efficient Power Transfer

One single design and no moving parts - spans sports cars, sedans and SUVs

10-25cm Z height. Every EV, regardless of ride height, will be interoperable with a common ground pad.

One Single Design

Park-and-Charge; it's that simple

Not perfect, no sweat. Position allowance corrects (or compensates for) parking misalignment. Easy.

Park and Charge

Powers through materials and elements

Surface or in-ground placement. Asphalt, cement, snow, ice – no problem.

Powers Through Materials

Smart and Safe

FOD (Foreign Object Detection), LOD (Live Object Detection) and PD (Position Detection) offer advanced protection and ease of use.

Smart and Safe

Bi-Directional Power Transfer (Wireless V2G)

Large EV batteries can help utility companies stabilize the grid or even power your home.


Enabling the future

Semi-dynamic and dynamic charging. Fully capable of charging moving vehicles, from taxi queues to roadways.



Power Snacking

In a world where cars are electrified, shared, and autonomous, how could an autonomous car plug itself in? Robotaxis will need to opportunity charge or “power snack” through the day, without leaving their service area. The wireless power revolution is shaping the future of transportation.

It starts now.


Publicly Announced Licensees

  • Aptiv
    Green Power
  • IHI
    Lumen Freedom
  • Vie

EV WIRELESS CHARGING is an enabler for the future of mobility that is electric, shared and autonomous.