Rethink EV charging.

WiTricity wireless EV charging is just as fast and efficient as the plug—without the hassle.


In a recent survey…


were interested in wireless charging1



are more likely to buy an EV if wireless charging were available1

1 TideWatch Partners, an independent market research firm, conducted a survey of 1,000 vehicle owners in the United States in September 2021. This survey was commissioned by WiTricity; the whitepaper can be found here.

WiTricity is accelerating the adoption of EVs by simplifying and streamlining the charging experience


The hassle of charging tops the “pain” list for current EV owners

What could be easier than just pulling into a driveway, garage, parking lot, or curbside, and having your EV charge automatically? No more forgetting, no more wrangling with a plug or struggling with a cord. WiTricity makes it easy: just park and charge.

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Don’t Mind the Gap

WiTricity Halo delivers high energy transfer over an air gap that can work with passenger vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Sports cars, minivans, SUVs…all charge from the same charging pad. WiTricity Halo scales to trucks and buses, too.


As Efficient as the Plug

Cables or plugs don’t offer better power transfer efficiency – they have losses, too. WiTricity Halo charging for passenger vehicles, for example, is 90-93% efficient from grid to battery, just like the Level 2 plug. But without the hassle.

Perfect Parking is Overrated

If you can park, you can charge without worry with WiTricity Halo. Magnetic resonance is forgiving of parking misalignment, and the built-in position detection makes it easy to find the right spot to stop. Park and charge, every time.


Smart and Safe

All of your cat’s 9 lives are protected with built-in safety features. The charging pad automatically detects foreign or living objects — like a soda can or family pet – and shuts down to protect you and your vehicle while the mobile app lets you know.

A Note from our CEO


“What we do is incredibly simple. We make it possible for you to charge your electric vehicle wirelessly. Just as fast as plugging in. With WiTricity, charging is now easier and more convenient.”

Wireless charging is the key enabler for accelerating the adoption of EVs and driving a greener future.

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