WiTricity Halo™ Charging

Wireless EV charging for automotive


Consumer ranks wireless EV charging as their most-wanted upgrade – and they’ll switch to the brand that has it.

We’ve built our end-to-end wireless charging system to meet the challenging needs of the automotive industry. WiTricity Halo™ is here for you now to help delight EV buyers and drive brand preference. Our highly efficient and patented EV charging solution provides carmakers, Tier 1 suppliers, charging infrastructure suppliers, and individual car owners with a flexible and interoperable wireless charging system design that removes the hassle of charging.

Automotive grade
software and hardware

Rigorous quality standards
from concept to manufacturing

Global production capabilities

WiTricity offers more than just “power transfer”


Our patented magnetic resonance technology is the foundation of our overall solution.

Our specially designed low-loss resonators allow high efficiency, and our proprietary tuning technology enables efficient operation over a wide range of conditions.

We’ve worked with the industry to develop the global standards that will drive interoperability: SAE International and IEC/ISO (International); DKE and Project STILLE (Germany); and the CEC and CATARC (China). And, we’ve demonstrated that wireless charging will support V2G implementations.

We enable a magically simple driver experience with advanced foreign object and living object detection to safely protect and disable charging should metal, hands or feet enter the charging area. The flexible system can charge vehicles from low ground clearance sports cars to medium clearance sedans to high ground clearance SUVs or trucks – all with the single system design.

car-diagram-english-desktop car-diagram-english-mobile
WiTricity Halo™ wall box iso view

Wall Box

The wall box houses the necessary high-power electronics that convert the grid supply to high-frequency energy that is delivered to the charging pad.

WiTricity Halo™ charging pad top view

Charging Pad

The charging pad contains the primary coil along with its ferrite, shielding, and resonant matching network that converts the high-frequency energy from the wall box to a magnetic field that can be used to efficiently transfer energy to the vehicle receiver.

WiTricity Halo™ vehicle receiver top view

Vehicle Receiver

The receiver in the vehicle captures the energy from the magnetic field produced by the charging pad and converts the energy to direct current for powering the electric vehicle and charging its battery.


Plug in charging is difficult, dirty, unreliable and even dangerous. The answer is wireless charging by WiTricity for EV owners today, and absolutely for autonomous vehicles tomorrow. If there’s no driver, who’s going to plug it in?”


And there’s more


WiTricity’s charging pads can be installed as on-ground, such as in a private residence, driveway, or parking garage; or in-ground, buried in the pavement of a parking lot or curbside as public charging infrastructure.

We also enable full system modeling for design and performance analysis without prototyping to save time and costs. Our power controller offers dynamic tuning and power management with automatic efficiency optimization.


Hear directly from WiTricity’s VP of Engineering, Steve Ganem, on how it works.

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