Powering life, wirelessly.

WiTricity Corporation was founded in 2007 to commercialize a new technology for wireless electricity invented and patented two years earlier by a team of physicists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), led by Professor Marin Soljačić. Professor Soljačić and team proved the magnetic fields of two properly designed devices with closely matched resonant frequencies can couple into a single continuous magnetic field, enabling the transfer of power from one device to the other at high efficiency and over a distance range that is useful for real-world applications.


Dubbed “highly resonant wireless power transfer” –  the team demonstrated the technology by illuminating a 60-watt light bulb from a power source over 2 meters away (as published in the prestigious journal Science in July 2007).  More important than simply proving they could illuminate a light bulb, the experiment validated their theoretical models of how electric power is wirelessly transferred as a function of the geometry, distance and electrical properties of the devices used.

As the exclusive licensee of this patented MIT intellectual property, WiTricity technology will be the medium that ties our existing electric grid to a broad range of mobile and wireless devices—and enables the development of radically new and improved consumer, commercial, and industrial devices through partners.

WiTricity is actively developing the core technology and additional intellectual property that will take this spectacular invention and apply it to electric vehicle wireless charging.