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Parking Freedom

In 2018 wireless charging for electric vehicles was introduced in the market and WiTricity is leading the charge in technology development and standardization.

WiTricity enables a big step forward in convenience and usability for EVs. One of the top “wish list” items for potential EV and PHEV consumers is being able to drive into a garage or parking space and have your EV charge automatically, without plugging in. Carmakers around the globe are working with WiTricity technology and with licensed Tier 1 suppliers to bring this exciting technology to market.

   “Autonomous electric vehicles are the future of personal mobility—but with no driver, who will plug in the vehicle to recharge it? The answer is clear: No plugs, no wires. Park-and-charge wirelessly and autonomously…with WiTricity technology.”

— Alex Gruzen, WiTricity CEO

WiTricity’s high efficiency 3.6-11 kW EV charging development system provides carmakers, Tier 1 suppliers, and charging infrastructure suppliers the most flexible and interoperable wireless charging system design.  The system, which has undergone rigorous testing by the US Department of Energy, and been shown to be the most efficient and most interoperable system available.  WiTricity’s efficient design and architecture have been included in global standardization efforts led by the SAE International and IEC/ISO (International); DKE and Project STILLE (Germany); and CATARC (China).

The WiTricity system design delivers:

  • Scalable charging rates of from 3.6 to 11 kW, to meet the needs of vehicles ranging from PHEV’s with small capacity battery packs to EV’s with high capacity, long range battery packs.
  • Accelerated development cycles to help simulate and model custom coil designs and shapes.
  • The ability to charge vehicles ranging from low ground clearance sports cars to medium ground clearance sedans to high ground clearance SUV’s, with a single system design.
  • The ability to be installed as an on-ground charging pad in a private residence, and buried in the pavement of a parking lot as public charging infrastructure.

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WiTricity is leading the charge in EV technology development and standardization.