WiTricity transfers electric energy
or power over distance without wires

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“Resonance” is a property that exists in many different physical systems. It can be thought of as the natural frequency at which energy can most efficiently be added to an oscillating system.

A playground swing is an example of an oscillating system involving potential energy and kinetic energy. The child swings back and forth at a rate that is determined by the length of the swing. The child can make the swing go higher if she properly coordinates her arm and leg action with the motion of the swing. The swing is oscillating at its resonant frequency and the simple movements of the child efficiently transfer energy to the system.

Another example of resonance is the way in which a singer can shatter a wine glass by singing a single loud, clear note. In this example, the wine glass is the resonant oscillating system. The sound wave energy is converted to mechanical vibrations of the glass itself.  When the singer hits the note that matches the resonant frequency of the glass, the glass absorbs energy, begins vibrating, and can eventually even shatter. The resonant frequency of the glass depends on the size, shape, thickness of the glass, and how much wine is in it.

WiTricity technology provides a unique solution of all sizes and power requirements.

Resonant coupling occurs when the natural frequencies of the two systems — a source and a receiver — are approximately the same. WiTricity power sources and receiver devices are specially designed magnetic resonators that efficiently transfer power over large distances via the magnetic near-field.


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