Advantages of wireless charging

Wireless charging solutions

WiTricity’s wireless charging for EVs can work in multiple scenarios, from powering passenger vehicles to helping make commercial fleets more efficient. LEarn more about the advantages of wireless charging below.


Nothing could be more convenient or reliable for home EV charging than WiTricity’s wireless charging. EV owners today worry about forgetting to plug in, but with wireless charging, all you have to do is park. As efficient and as fast as the Level 2 plug, wireless charging enhances your EV ownership. The charging pad can be installed on top of – or beneath – your garage floor or driveway and has advanced safety features to give you peace of mind. The smart mobile app lets you program and track charging, usage data, and more.

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Wireless charging at commercial buildings – office buildings, shopping malls, grocery stores, and more – provides the ease and convenience EV drivers are looking for. Whether a car is parked in one location during an 8-hour workday, or for 5 minutes while running errands, it can be easily charged by simply parking over the charging pad. No need to fuss with a charger plug, worry about unsafe locations or if the charger will be damaged or out of service. Municipal and commercial parking lots, alike, are safe for snowplows with wireless charging – a bonus for cold weather EV adoption.

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Public Transportation

Buses, taxis, and ride-sharing services can all take advantage of wireless charging. Whether parked at a depot or lot, or waiting in queue, vehicles can charge without the hassle of plugging in to start charging or unplugging to start a route. Wireless charging enables Power Snacking™, so buses can extend their range by topping off as they go about their routes. Semi-dynamic charging in taxis queues gives drivers the confidence to take any fare, no matter how late in the shift. And with wireless charging in ride-sharing parking lots, drivers just park when done – and the next driver won’t have to worry if the last one remembered to plug in!

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Commercial fleets can achieve a lower total cost of ownership of their electric cars, vans, and trucks with wireless charging. From reducing peak load and associated utility company demand charges to build-out costs and reduced maintenance, fleets can maximize driver and vehicle uptime. Safer working conditions are realized by eliminating trip hazards and the need to wrangle unwieldy cords and cables. Wireless charging can easily be integrated into existing vehicle workflows for additional convenience.

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